10 Warning Signs of Poor Blood Circulation

Proper blood circulation is essential for our overall health. It helps transport nutrients and oxygen throughout the whole body.
Problem with the circulatory system can lead to a variety of health issues. If not treated on time it can cause a serious negative impact on the heart, liver, brain, limbs, and kidneys.

The poor blood circulation can happen due to numerous reasons. The most common is peripheral artery disease (PAD) and atherosclerosis, or “hardening of the arteries.”

Furthermore, poor blood circulation can be also as a result of heart disease, obesity, blood clots and diabetes.
Bad habits like smoking, drinking and a bad diet can greatly contribute to this condition.

By recognizing the symptoms of poor circulation you can easily target the root of the cause and treated on time.
It is important to consult a doctor when experiencing symptoms of circulation problems because in some cases they can lead to stroke or even death.

Top 10 signs of poor blood circulation.

1. Swelling of Lower Extremities

When it comes to mild swelling of the feet, it might be due standing for a long time in one position, malnutrition, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, high salt, aging, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and pregnancy.

However, if this swelling continues for a longer period of time it might be because of bad blood circulation.

Because of the lack of blood flow, the kidneys are unable to carry out the process of keeping fluid in the blood vessels where it belongs.

In this case the fluid leech out and adapts in the sounding tissues which actually leads to swelling. In rare cases, the poor circulation can also cause leg ulcers.

If you notice swelling of your feet, raise your feet above your heart level. The swelling will significantly reduce, however, have it mind that you need to see your doctor.

2. Numbness in Hands and Feet

If you feel numbness in the part of hands and feet can be a symptom of a poor blood circulation.

However, this might also be due to constant pressure on your feet and hands, temporary nerve compression nutritional deficiency of magnesium and vitamin B12 and exposure to cold.

3. Cold Hands and Feet

The proper flow of blood maintains the body temperature. When the proper blood flow is interrupted the body temperature drops. This is the case of cold feet and hands, especially the toes and fingers.

The natural human response is to rub the hands together to encourage blood to flow and this is quite an effective method.
Also, underactive thyroid, peripheral neuropathy, and Raynaud’s syndrome can be causes of cold hands and feet. If you don’t know the reason for this sudden occurrence then is best to check with your doctor.

4. Persistent Fatigue and Tiredness

Constant fatigue symptoms can be an indicator of poor blood flow and inadequate blood supply to different body parts.
In this case, the organs have difficulty to carry out their duties. Moreover, due to the lack of oxygen in the muscles will constantly give you the feeling you’re tired.

5. Weak Immune System and Slow Healing

The weak circulatory system directly impacts the immune system. Because the poor delivery of minerals and vitamins throughout the body cannot properly fight infections and illness.

Therefore, such person is more prone to illness and more likely to get sick. The healing process is also affected and is significantly slower than normal.

6. Varicose Veins

Due to improper blood circulation, a pressure is building and causes the veins to become twisted, swollen and visible.

7. Sudden Hair Loss

Sudden hair loss is a sign of poor blood circulation. When the scalp doesn’t get the necessary nutrients it compromises its function and results in hair loss.

That’s why experts suggest massaging the scalp while washing your hair. By massaging it you increase the blood flow and subsequently improve the hair follicles.

8. Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is also a sign of poor blood circulation and this problem can be characterized by consistent problems in achieving or sustaining an erection.

9. Skin Discoloring or Cyanosis

The poor blood flow can cause condition called cyanosis which turns the lips blue due to lack of oxygen.
Low oxygen level can turn the skin collier from bright red to darker. This is often the case around the eyes, lips, fingers and toes which gives the appearance of slightly bruised look.

10. Tightness or Heaviness in the Chest

The heart is the organ that pumps the blood, however, even the heart needs adequate blood flow. Tightness and heaviness in the chess can appear due to low blood circulation.

The heavy feeling can come and go from time to time. Chest pain may also be a sign of atherosclerosis in these arteries.

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