This Type of Vacation Will Change Your Life Forever!

By Gillian B


I wrote this from the Greek island of Crete; somewhere I have dreamt of visiting for many years.

While my trip is just beginning and there’s a lot more to experience, it’s already clear why Spirit guided me here. There’s something very special about this place. The energy is remarkable, the food is fresh and full of prana. Just as importantly, the people are kind and warm-hearted.

This experience here has affirmed that travel really is the best education.

That said, a weekend trip to Vegas for debauchery will be worlds apart from a yoga retreat in Greece. I like to call such trips ‘Conscious Travel.’ These trips are inspired by your Soul’s desire for nourishing experiences that support growth and evolution.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling a stirring of your soul, urging you to step outside your comfort zone? Let go of guilt and finally commit to doing something for yourself. Perhaps you’ve been drawn to my posts and have been considering coming on one of my retreats. Either way, know that it’s your Soul telling you it’s time for a change!

Conscious travel provides just that, a chance to reinvent yourself with new experiences, connections, routine and food. Getting out of your day-to-day bubble provides a rich opportunity to shift your perception (which is, according to The Course in Miracles, the definition of a miracle) and see the world through a different lens. I find these gaps in the regular programming of our lives to be powerful catalysts for growth and transformation. Conscious vacations, like yoga retreats, seem to kick-start or accelerate learning, reflection and change. In my experience, they birth the kind of shift that may have taken us months or even years to come to on our own.

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If you are chronically stressed, discontent or unfulfilled, being around the right people and a change in environment, food and daily routine, may be just what the doctor ordered! As you learn to surrender your will and need to control, you’ll open up to the flow of life… where the magic happens! Only then, are you able to go deeper into yourself than you ever have before, see the lessons that life is trying to instil and breakthrough any obstacle on your path.

Meaningful connections with new friends act as mirrors, showing you the parts of yourself that are normally out of sight. These timely encounters can have a profound and lasting impact. They remind us that we are not alone on this journey and impart a sense of clarity and inner peace.

As a facilitator of such magical experiences, it makes my heart so warm to know that many of the connections formed on these trips are continued when real life resumes. I trust that whoever commits to coming on a trip with me is meant to be there. Each member of the group plays a very specific role. As we open up and share our stories, we grow immeasurably both individually and collectively.

Whether you are just at the beginning of your path, require some guidance on your next steps or perhaps are in need of a self-esteem boost to make your next breakthrough, I highly recommend listening to your Soul’s whispers and booking yourself a trip JUST FOR YOU.