Tiny Hedgehog Goes Camping, And His Pics Are The Best Thing You’ll See Today

Meet Azuki, the tiny Japanese hedgehog who loves nothing more than going on big adventures. He is so cute with his little button nose,his perky ears and adorable expressions. Well recently Azuki decided to go on a wild adventure leaving the snugness of his home behind. Taking his very own miniature set of Coleman camping gear he headed for the great outdoors. Camping out under the stars in his very own miniature tent, taking to the water in his kayak and having his very own BBQ he was sure to have the time of his life.Take a look at his amazing adventure as it unfolded in the stunning photos below. We think everyone will want a little pet hedgehog after seeing these!
Have you ever seen a happier hedgehog? Azuki really seemed to enjoy his big adventure, we don’t think we have ever seen a happier camper!

It’s a Hedgehogs life!

Let’s put another shrimp on the barbie mate!

Tough work gathering firewood! PHEW

Cuppa tea anyone?

Time for some rapids!!!

Night night everyone! YAWN

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source: newsely