This Simple Image Test Reveals a Lot About Your Personality

Take a look in this image what you see can tell a lot about your personality. This is in fact an example of Rorschach test, whose purpose is to examine one’s personality characteristics and emotional functioning.

Researchers have successfully used this method ever since the 60s. More often than not, the personality profile they create with the help of different images is extremely accurate.

One psychologist shares his first experience with the Rorschach inkblot test which happened when he was training to be a clinical psychologist. The tester showed him series of cards containing inkblots, asking the question “What does it look like?” after each card. He even says it was more like a tarot reading for him rather than doing a psychometric test.


After answering the questions, and giving different answers like ‘bat’, etc., the tester created extremely correct profile of his personality. It knew private and deep thing about him that even his mother didn’t know. Ever since then, this psychologist is a fan of this type of psychological testing.

Although the image you’ll see is not as precise as the professional Rorschach test, it’ll still tell you something interesting about your personality.

Now, see the image below quickly and without thinking, and see what is the first thing you see. So, remember, the test won’t be successful if you choose the second or the nicer image, but only the first one you’ll notice.

1. An Explosion

You are a creative person with a vivid imagination. The ideal job for you would be working in an artistic field, so consider that as an option especially if your current job is stressful.

Remember, what did you enjoy most when you were younger? Was it dancing or singing? Maybe it was painting? You might even want to take some old passion as a current hobby. You will surely be glad you did it.

2. Two hands

Your imagination is as well powerful, but all of your actions are based on logic. Although you are able to imagine more, you see what is really there in front of you. So, you are a realistic with a sharp mind, which draws others for your advice.

You are able to distract yourself from the most difficult situations and find the answer that works for everyone. You don’t panic easily, and calm others when there’s an emergency. People see and admire this amazing trait of yours, which often put you in a leadership position, even though you might think you’re not the best fit for this position.

3. Tree

You can’t miss anything as you are a very observant person. You notice every little detail most people miss. Therefore, you see and know everything.

Moreover, you’re very aware of other people’s feelings, so you know what and when to ask the right question. Your skill in the business can help you succeed financially. You might want to look into counseling if you want to use your powers for good.

4. Nothing

This means you need to rest. If you didn’t see anything, your brain is probably tired and unable to function properly when dealing with more complex tasks.

Do you get angry easily, or you have difficult time seeing an issue from another perspective? All of these are signs that you are tired, so if resting means taking a personal or sick day, go ahead as you surely deserve it!

Tell us what you saw , even if that’s something different from what we’ve mentioned.