Scientific Reasons Explaining Why Good Girls Fall For Bad Boys

It may be very confusing but we see that every now and again a guy who is not at all relationship material end up snagging a girl. There is absolutely nothing that might warrant the attention he gets but apparently the girls find such boys more attractive than the average Joe who might actually be willing to go the extra mile with them. These guys do not care about relationship at all and are mostly downright rude yet are successful in attracting girls.

The explanations are varied and many as to why girls accept to overlook all the flaws in their partner and find reasons to stay attracted to them. There may be psychological explanations or emotional reasons but in this article we are going to take into account the scientific reasons as to why girls may find a complete douche to be attractive.

Physically attractive


The primary reason may be the fact that most of the times such individuals are physically more attractive. Traits like narcissism, psychopathy is found to be present more in physically attractive guys as pointed out by a research. The fact that such bad boys can make themselves appear charmingly beautiful is no surprise really as they work really hard at their wardrobe and their hairs.

They appear more fun

They have a devil may care attitude and not really into taking responsibilities and just about enjoying life. Initially living in the moment may seem fun but relationships require time and commitment and this is something they fail at spectacularly. They have this impulsive way of living and not really worrying about the consequences which is obviously a lot more glamorous than a structured living of their counterpart and of course that is what attracts girls more.

Your hormones may also to be blamed

According to a study conducted back in 2012 when you see such a character at a bar or meet them or socialize with them often times girls delude themselves into thinking the guy is fixable. There is a notion that he will eventually settle down and take responsibility but of course the reality is far from the truth. The reason however why you start to feel this way in the first place is because of your hormones and you may be seeing everything from that particular perspective.

Bad boys are good manipulators

Although they may be suffering from narcissism and they have little or no regard for anyone else but themselves but in the short term mating they are way better at selling themselves than their more settled counterparts. The risk taking tendencies and the fact that they are more fun also help in this image building.

They are good at charming the other person and manipulating their perspective but only for a short term. It is just that they ‘sell’ themselves brilliantly and the person may fall for them instantly.

They appear more confident

Since these bad boys have no care in the world and do not hold themselves accountable for their actions throwing caution to the wind they may as a result appear more confident. Actually it is not confidence but conceitedness which is being reflected in their actions but it does the trick of attracting the girls nonetheless. Initially you might feel attracted to the way they carry themselves and the ease with which they express themselves but this nonchalant attitude will soon prove to be too blunt at times when they might even tell you that you do not mean much to them. They might even start talking to other girls in front of you as though it would not impact you in any way.

These charades of bad boys could only be kept up for a short period of time. A few weeks into the relationship and their actual selves will be revealed to you in its full glory and you may not like the true picture of them. If you want a short term fling and meaningless sex then by all means go for them but if you are looking for a long-term, significant relationship you better go for a nice guy.