Never Date Someone Who Does These 15 Things

Every bit of your time is valuable and thus you must not waste it with people who are not worthy of it. To choose an appropriate person for dating is a very important task as you will spend considerable amount of your time with them.

I am writing this article based on my own personal experiences and lessons that I have learned over the years. So, here are 15 things your dating partner must not be doing:

1. They start behaving in an awkward way when you ask them to show their phone.
This can be a sign that they are trying to keep something away from you. If this is the case, then your relationship might have trust issues later.

2. They do not respond properly to questions related to their work or weekend.
It is pertinent that they have a life without you, but they must be honest and clear about it with you.

3. They keep changing their stories.
When they tell you something about their work or day and after some days you bring it up again and they change their story then it means that they are not being honest and truthful with you.

4. They always put you down.
If they are always trying to make you feel bad about yourself then they are one of those people who thrive on others pain. By putting you down, they feel better about themselves. Stay away from such people at all cost.

5. They cannot take ‘NO’ for $ex.
They see you as a $ex tool and thus react badly when you sometimes say no for $ex.

6. They never get anything for you.
It is a part of basic courtesy to give some gifts or presents to your partner but toxic people are full of themselves.

7. They abhor spending some meaningful time with your family or friends.
If they criticize your family all the time then they probably have no respect for you and your feelings as well. You do not need such negativity in your life.

8. They put all the blame on you.
They shatter your self-esteem my making you feel that all the mistakes in the relationship are a result of your actions.

9. They employ double standards for you.
When they do some stuff then it is fine (say drinking with their friends) but when you do the same then it is unacceptable.

10. They try to flirt with others.
Such actions are clear indicators of their potential to cheat you.

11. They just like themselves.
They hardly pay any attention to what you have to say. Your advice is of no real value to them. You do not deserve to be with such self-obsessed people.

12. They hesitate to give you the title.
If they still try to evade from calling you their girlfriend/ boyfriend then chances are that something else is also cooking.

13. They often bring up their ex.
This is a clear sign that they are not yet over with them and thus are not able to love you fully.

14. You are not a priority in their seemingly busy life.
You want to be loved and taken care of. You also deserve to be pampered and given attention to.

15. You do not feel attracted to them.
Do not trick yourself into believing that things will turn out fine later.

These are 15 signs you must not see in your partner. What do you think about them?