Man Shows His Dog How Loud It Snores. The Reaction? Priceless!

YouTube user Tal Solomon is receiving widespread attention for his rather bold method of confronting his dog about its snoring problem.

In a clip titled ‘How to stop anyone from snoring,’ Solomon fearlessly wakes the pup up by playing a video of it snoring on full blast. The dog, looking dazed, confused and embarrassed, glances between Solomon, the phone and the camera filming. Hilarious!

That clip has since been viewed more than 26,000 times since Solomon uploaded it on January 2, 2017. It’s also made its way to the front page of Reddit, where thousands of commenters have weighed in on it.

“The nod makes this,” wrote user rcgy.

“My heart!” wrote earthlingann. “Haha the dog looks so surprised and confused. What a cutie.”

Kadmos commented, “I did this to my wife, and her snoring no longer bothers me!

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YouTube, Tal Solomon