Your February Horoscope, Revealed

Hit the snooze button, because we’re headed to dreamland. After January’s series of reality checks, we deserve the dose of inspired vision that’s coming our way.


For the first couple weeks of February, the pace of your day-to-day could be hectic and unpredictable with busy Mercury in your sign. I promise it won’t be boring, though. Regular encounters have more than usual significance, and even the tone deaf will be whistling your tune. Get out into the world, even if just to the end of your block, because everyone will be a potential friend-of-the-moment with important information to share. Don’t take it personally if your social life dries up mid-month. Most people are feeling zonked and maybe suffering from Neptune-driven late-winter sads. It’s prime chillaxing time for you, but be aware of an inclination to future-trip, even if you’re excited about what you foresee. No matter how far you run in your brain, you’ll have to come back to your body and any feelings you left there. The last week of the month will be exciting but still wonky. Have fun, gently. You’re not 100% clear yet.


Sparkly ideas shoot around like Cupid’s arrows at the beginning of the month. Your belief in the people you love is beautiful. Those relationships will feel full of possibility for a short time. It’s right to go toward who draws you and who opens your heart, or gaze upon a far-off babe.

On the 10th, lovely Venus arrives in your sign (her favorite place, by the way), marking the unofficial beginning of Pisces season. Relationships lose their hard edges, giving a restorative refuge from the outer world. Romance comes easily — with a lost kitten, a friend, a teacher, a day-old sandwich — and without discrimination. Even a sneeze can sound like it means “I love you.” Again, this may or may not be a long-term love, but there’s no law against enjoying it while it lasts.By the 18th, it’ll feel like every planet and their mother is in Pisces. The pace of events will slow quite a bit, and you’ll likely find yourself hesitating to make decisions, set goals, speak, and get your work done. That’s wise, so long as you’re taking care of necessary business. Bills coming due and deadlines may seem flexible, but that’s probably wishful thinking.


The beginning and end of the month have the most space for headway. Do what you can during these weeks, but pay attention to your energy levels. As mid-February nears, schedule extra downtime and zone-outs. Chilling out can be almost as interesting as action, if you use the time to get creative and play. Antsy-ness peaks around the 23rd, when the sugar-high Gemini moon tries to get Mars to start a dumb argument. It might feel like your wheels are spinning in place, but your subconscious is busy dreaming up the next stage for your fabulous plots. Once you pick up speed again, you will be able to go-go-go without pausing to think.


Venus’ first few stops — with Jupiter on the 3rd and Uranus on the 6th — emphasize freedom and independence. These qualities will be important during these days. Your relationships may need some extra breathing room, too. It should be fun to loosen things up. You’ll have plenty of opportunities for new connections and the sort of pleasurable adventures associated with the phrase “spice up your love life.”

On the 10th, Venus enters Pisces. At worst, this can make you idealize your loved ones, but happiness lies in keeping your relationships and leisure time simple, so you can appreciate what’s already there. When Venus passes by Neptune on the 21st, this energy intensifies. You’re more sensitive than usual to others’ pain, making it tough to maintain sensible boundaries. Use your sense of comfort as a guide and step back when you feel frazzled or rushed. This will give you space to ground yourself and, when you’re ready, step back in. Be patient with confusing interactions and be willing to let love leave its mark on your priorities. The last week of the month, you’ll have a chance to adjust your behavior to better reflect what you care about most.


A pace that’s way too busy will get awkward, if not impossible, as the month continues. On the 17th, when schedule-coordinating Mercury enters misty Pisces, you’re advised to slow down enough to hear yourself think. Even if you can keep the scrambled energy straight, your Tinder date, lunch buddy, and Meetup group will likely get confused. You’ll need to stay flexible and be open to the unexpected — luckily, that’s kind of the Gemini M.O.

If you have a fuzzy relationship to the truth or like to insist that everything’s subjective, Mercury’s encounter with Neptune on the 24th will make it near impossible to remember which line you told to whom. With the mega pileup on easily-injured Neptune, we’re all going to be more gullible and more sensitive to broken trust. Even if you don’t mean to mislead, others may take your words the wrong way and assume they count for more than they actually do. Communicate as best you can and listen to your inner voice. Other peoples’ feelings aren’t your responsibility, but they sure can cause trouble if you ignore them. Potentially productive arguments are brewing for month’s end. Have fun, but be sure you mean it.


The learning curve is steepest in early February. Around you, people will making missteps, going too fast, and running into invisible walls — or just gradually slowing to a standstill. You might find yourself stuck in the same muck. Be aware of where you’re reacting to others’ behavior or getting frustrated. Around the 12th, the moon in Capricorn activates your sun, making you antsy to do and create. Your goals and needs are out of sync, though, and may mess up your timing. If you stop to look around, you’ll see it’s not just you. Your gut sense can guide you to act at the right moment, but your greatest success comes when you let yourself be moved by others’ pain, desire, and inspired vision.

A partial solar eclipse on the 15th lights up opportunities you didn’t know were there. The collective confusion peaks around this time, making it extra important to take care of yourself. Crankiness is good way to tell if you’re burning out or giving too much. Feeling abandoned, on the other hand, could be a clue that you need to get out of the house. Putting the focus on a stranger’s needs will help distract you from weakened self-confidence. A bold act of imagination could turn you into a superhero. Whatever happens, by the 25th, when the moon, your planetary ruler, comes home to Cancer, you’ll be feeling focused and clearer about how to get what you need.


How can you create more love, Leo? It’s the halfway point of your personal year and time for one last push. Projects you began and happy risks you took around your birthday are reaching a climax. Like a marathon runner about to reach the finish line, you must draw on your reserves and give it a final, high-powered burst. You aren’t going to be able to do this alone, though; if you try, you’ll end up creating enemies and pissing off the people who can help you succeed. Aquarius season is teamwork time, so throw a metaphorical flash mob with your ideal collaborators. Who will win when you do? Spread your spotlight to light up someone else’s talent. The attention they receive will shine on you, too, showing others how generous you can be. It’s a reflection of your true self, but try not to get a big head about it. Attempted generosity will be rejected if the recipient feels you’re being condescending. A good preventative measure is to make a practice of noticing what the people around you are good at, especially when those talents are different from your own. A good team is like a flock of geese: When one gets tired, another pulls to the front of the V, creating lift for everyone else. In other words, when your friends succeed, you do, too.


Take in the big picture, Virgo. Your ruler, quick-thinking Mercury, entered cerebral Aquarius on January 31. For the last month, your nose was scraping against the grindstone, which likely helped you locate the root and try a fix for at least one major problem. Now, you’re straightening up to take in the lay of the land. You’re clear-headed and able to make connections under this influence. Tomorrow will come no matter how present you are today. Make sure your choices will stay relevant by including upcoming factors in your assessment. Friends in other fields have insightful feedback for your approach and your peers have the missing link you need. Put your heads together as a group to engineer cool, future-oriented solutions. Your day-to-day activities will be more interesting if they’re social, so send a group invite the next time you’re headed out to run.


The universe wants to be your BFF, Libra. With confident Jupiter high-fiving Venus, your ruling planet, February will begin with a promise that everything is going to work out as it should. Relationships will either feel amazing or just like an extra big deal. Make room for plenty of one-on-one time, especially with new friends and sweeties, or anyone who makes you feel part of their world. People you’re close to have a lot to teach you this month — or you may be ready to play the role of “encouraging big sibling” to a peer. It’s important to stay clear-headed, though. A first date may amount to not much and friends can promise you the moon without any real intention to follow through. Keep your wits about you and you can enjoy the meeting of minds without a rough letdown.


Throw out your old tactics, Scorpio. This month, nudging and seducing people into place will backfire. Even if you have the follow-through, those around you will be too disoriented to play their parts right.

The first week of the month brings stimulating relationships and supports co-adventuring. You might feel you can get away with anything, and it’s true — but only temporarily. There’s no need for cat-and-mouse games, though. Say what you want plainly. Your collaborators and lovers will likely be receptive to any passionate scheme, so long as it’s inspiring.


February begins with sparkly chemistry between laid back Venus and adventurous Jupiter, your ruling planet. Your relationships have room for exploration and for both parties to have their own full lives. Take a whirlwind weekend road trip with someone you love or, if you’ve been locked away with your partner, infuse your love life with the romance of distance by hanging out with a new friend. This is a pretty nice period, but it will be easy to assume the other person is saying yes when they’re really on the fence. Your heart has beer goggles on, so have fun, but don’t throw away the receipt for your wedding dress.

On the 13th, Jupiter runs into mental Mercury, setting off an explosive brainstorm. Your mind is on fire, Sag — at least that’s how it feels. The friend on the other end of your messenger chat might disagree. Be kind to the patient people in your life, and don’t run your mouth if no one wants to listen. Your thoughts right now are first draft material — important, but not totally ready for public consumption. Write everything down, get it on video, or speechify to your pet. Later, you’ll have the perspective to cut back, fact check, and make it persuasive.


Good timing means knowing when to act and when to wait, Cappy. This month is one of those waiting periods. Which isn’t to say it’s a nonevent. In fact, what’s going down is crucial for your self-development.

During the first weeks of February, you’re solidly in provocative Aquarius territory. You have a solid, stable image, but you know change and breakdown are key for long-term stability. You often have to move across the country to get the job you want or cancel a going-nowhere romance to find a partner for life. With the sun, Venus, and Mercury in Aquarius, small changes early in the month speed your growth. The catch is, you don’t yet know where you’re going to land. That can be scary, but fear is just a feeling. Are you really going to let a mood hold you back?