8 reasons why a Taurus will be your most Loyal Friend

We know that every Zodiac sign has its own strengths. However, it seems to us that the Taurus sign has the qualities that are most admired. Think about the Taurus friends you have, and what it is you love about them:

Are they ardent and wise companions? Do they provide that shot of self-confidence (and no-nonsense face, if needed)?

Here are 10 more qualities of your beloved Taurus’ that we know you enjoy!

1. Stubborn… In A Good Way

This is the classic Taurus trait. If you say something can’t be done, your friend the Taurus will go to ridiculous lengths to prove you wrong, on principle.

There’s a positive side to this though. For example, you know that spring break trip you and your friends have been planning to Hawaii?

Well, all flights are grounded. No problem though, call on your good buddy Taurus and he or she is sure to rent a boat and row you all there if necessary!

2. They ‘Know What’s Best’

This walks hand in hand with the above stubbornness. The Taurus will often believe that their way is the best way, and will debate the most insignificant disagreements.

There’s a good side to this as well, however. Your beloved Taurus just values facts over BS, that’s all.

3. They’re There Till The End

Taurus is the most loyal sign, so they value meaningful relationships of mutual respect and love.
This singular trait outshines the stubbornness and ‘know it all’ nature of your bull-headed friend.

4. They Are – Wait, Are You Gonna Eat That?

Of all the beautiful aspects of life, none of the quite takes the cake (if you will) as food if you are a Taurus. So, careful not to touch their food, breathe too closely to their food, or even look at their food askew.

And no, they won’t split that item on the dinner menu with you…

5. They Are Self-Confident

The Taurus knows themselves.

Don’t think of it as an ego-trip, more that they just aren’t concerned with what people think of them. It’s a good thing.

6. They Know What Matters

The Taurus is a lifelong learner, and will take opportunities to cultivate the mind.

So, it’s not ‘putting on a show,’ it’s that they just know.

7. They Can Take A Joke

Laughter is the best medicine. Your Taurus friend will laugh with you, and at you, and at themselves, and it’s all in good fun. Because life’s too short not to laugh.

8. They’ll Accept You For You

The Taurus knows themselves, so they’ll appreciate people that know who they are too. So be yourself, you’ll find a great listener and supporter in a Taurus.