Well-groomed nails say a lot about you as a woman. You must have come across many glossy magazines and wondered how thos e models have the most perfectly painted nails and a glimpse of such papers could demotivate any woman who loves nail polish and make her wonder whether her nails are bad. The thought that should occur in your mind however, is whether if you know the right art of how to apply nail polish like those models.

As a person who applies nail polish on a daily basis, you must think it’s an easy task. All you have to do is grab your favorite color and splash it across your nails in any manner and it’s over. At such times, the results would be messy, with polish splashed on your bare skin too.

Sometimes, you would end up applying nail polish and the strokes of the brushes would still be visible on the bed of your nails. Sometimes, for unknown reasons bubbles could pop up and dry on the surface, making the whole nail appear gross.

If the description above sounds just like what you face, then don’t lose hope! Not everyone is born with the right talents on how to apply nail paints. With some practice and time, you can also become a master of nail polish application. Here are five easy steps for you.

1. Prepare Your Space, and Keep the Tools
The first step is to prepare your space properly. You should know that painting nails requires some time and patience, so keep your favorite music or TV show on standby to keep you going all through the process. Sit in a room that is well ventilated and where there is enough light.

The tools you will need include nail trimmers, nail color of your choice, nail file, cuticle pusher, nail polish remover, base and a top coat. Sit in an upright position on a comfortable chair and begin by preparing your nails.

2. Nail Preparation
To prepare your nails, you will to first trim them to your desired length, use a file to give them a proper shape and use a cuticle pusher to gently push the cuticles backwards. With the cuticle pusher, you can also remove any debris or dirt from the top of your nails. If you previously had some nail polish on your nails, use some nail polish remover and cotton to wipe it off.

3. Apply the Base Coat
Once your nails are clean, grab the base coat, polish (from any company of your choice) and apply at least two layers of the polish on your bare nails. However, make sure you apply two thin coats one at a time rather than taking the easy way out and applying a single thick coat.

4. Apply Nail Polish
Now, here’s the tricky part of the whole process. What you have to make sure of is to NOT shake the nail polish bottle a lot, which will only create more bubbles that can show up at the surface of your nails. Grab the bottle of nail polish and roll it between your palms for at least thirty seconds. This stops the formation of bubbles and helps to create a smooth finish on the nail surface.

In case you shake the bottle, keep it on a surface for ten minutes and let the bubbles settle down. Open the bottle and take out some polish, rub it on the sides of the bottle so that the excess and run down the rim of the bottle.

To apply the polish, follow the three stoke method. This means you should first apply a stipe of nail polish from the center of your nails from the bottom to the top length. Re-dip the nail polish brush into the bottle and make similar strokes, this time make sure either one runs from the sides to the top of your nail. This makes sure that the color distributes evenly on all over the nail. If you want a darker color effect, you can repeat this step only after the previous coat dries properly.

5. Apply Some Top Coat
In nail polish painting, or application, the top coat is a vital part that you shouldn’t miss. Once your nail paint is dry, use the transparent top coat and apply it in the same manner mentioned in step four above. The top coat helps to:

Protect and seal the nail polish for a longer time
Prevents unexpected chip offs
Adds a shine to the polish.
Painting your nails is not a very difficult task. Just keep in mind that only practice can turn you into an expert.


source: https://happylifereport.com