5 Serious Side Effects Of Almonds You Didn’t Know

Almond side effects are little known as they are one of the most recommended nuts to maintain weight to lose weight , in addition to how healthy they are, can be included in salads, baked foods and various dishes. Toasted almonds, butter, milk or oil provide a buttery and creamy flavor that turns any dish into tasty, almonds are replete with amino acids, fiber, vitamins, minerals and more benefits that promote good health.

Almonds come in two presentations: sweet and bitter. Both are consumed equally but with better flavor after toasting them since the raw almonds have many risks because of the side effects they generate in health. Sweets are used in foods, essential oils for both skin and hair and are consumed both roasted or after being soaked in water, the latter being the healthiest; while bitter almonds are used in small amounts of liquor because consuming a handful of them can cause death.

Therefore, it is recommended to consume only 1.5 oz of the sweets daily that counts as 1/3 of a cup, when it is clearly restricted to this amount the intake of them, the benefits are immediate and evident but when exceeded, the effects Almond side effects can be serious , as exposed by the FDA .

These are the side effects of the almond

1. Vitamin E overdose:

The body deserves only 15mg of vitamin E daily, consuming 1.5 ounces of almonds per day gives a total of 7.5mg which equals half of the nutritional demand. This may not lead to any side effects as long as other dietary sources rich in vitamin E are consumed, such as spinach, eggs, whole grains and fortified cereals. It should be taken into account that an overdose of vitamin E can cause dizziness, weakness, blurred vision, rashes and even diarrhea so you must be extremely careful with the amounts of almonds or almond milk you consume in your day to day.

2. Weight gain

Just 1oz of almond contains 14g of fat and 163 calories, your body can break it efficiently when you do regular training exercises but excessive consumption of them coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, ie, an inactive life can lead to deposition of fat in the body and consequently an increase in weight. So if you consume 3oz of almonds per day without performing any kind of physical activity you may get 1 pound of weight in 1 week. Try to include almonds as part of your 2000 calorie diet as it is most advisable to avoid the side effects of almonds.

3. Problems in the digestive tract

Almonds contain 3.5g of fiber per ounce, which represents the recommended daily intake of fiber, these are vital levels to facilitate bowel movements and prevent diarrhea but excessive consumption of them can lead to constipation and bloating, digestive tract is not accustomed to excess fiber and therefore, would need to add additional efforts to expel it from the body, generally drinking enough water helps a lot.

On the other hand, consuming almond milk can also irritate the gastrointestinal tract in people suffering from lactose intolerance because the stomach can feel such milk as milk with lactose.

4. Interaction with drugs

Magnesium is a vital mineral for assisting the development of connective tissue, improving metabolism, blood clotting and for balancing blood sugar levels. The FDA recommends consuming between 1.8 and 2.3 mg per day and 1oz of almonds contains 0.6mg of magnesium that is within limits. But, when consuming too much almonds on a high-magnesium diet will interact with laxatives, antacids, antipsychotic drugs, certain antibiotics and medications for hypertension. Keep in mind that magnesium is available in: grains, whole grains, berries or tofu.

5. Increases toxicity

Bitter almonds have hydrocyanic acid which is a poisonous compound, certainly they help to cure spasms, itching and pain but the consumption of them in excess can generate serious side effects, among them oscillate: nervous depression, suffocation and death. So, you should strictly stay away from pregnant and lactating women.

Those who are allergic to nuts, almonds can trigger serious side effects such as: swelling in the mouth, dyspnoea and rashes. These people can be seen with reactions when using almond oil on their skin or hair , in fact, there are cases in which the excessive use of almond oil on the skin or hair has generated adverse effects but the investigations in this case still in process.

On the other hand, it is thought that these side effects actually are not purely from almonds but because they are partly family nuts , are prone to bacterial growth. It depends, of course, on where they have been grown, their growth may have been subjected to the growth of harmful bacteria that lead to serious health problems, but it is proceeded with a proper cleaning, in fact, in several countries it is illegal to sell them raw .

Now that you know about some of the contraindications of almonds, make decisions according to this information to keep you and your family environment safe and sound as there is no doubt that this particular dry fruit is good for one side for the health of all, on the other, moderation in their intake is the key. We advise that in case of continuing with doubts about the present information, go to a nutritionist who will help you and specifically indicate the number of daily almonds that is right for you.

Lastly, be careful when consuming them dry and toasted or their byproducts because the raw ones should be completely avoided so as not to promote bacterial growth that generates infections. Have you had any other side effects that are not visible in the article? If so, let us know.